Max is a Songwriter and Manager of Heavenly Hip records. Max's instruments are the computer, piano and guitar. He has composed various styles of music such as hiphop, dance pop and pop punk. Max also
takes band photographs, designs websites and graphic design. His own musictaste varies from rockabilly to hiphop, from hardcore dancemusic to classical music and so on. Besides music he loves sports and he has
educated himself not only as a Personal Trainer but also in Marketing, Technical drawing, Media design and Recording. He works for an international company.


Sakke is an Artist, Songwriter and CEO of Heavenly Hip records. She is the Lead Singer of The Blush and she plays some guitar and ukulele. She is a Music graduate of Jyväskylä College and she has studied at the Complete Vocal Institute's Academy in Copenhagen, Denmark.
She toured with Up With People in the U.S., Mexico, Canada and Australia. Sakke led a famous girl band, Mascara which was a huge success in the Finnish popscene. Mascara's hitsong, ´Erittäin hyvä ellei täydellinen´ (´Excellent, somewhat perfect´) became a catch phrase and still gets airplay and new cover versions are being made. The title itself became a catch phrase into the Finnish language. In 2014 she was invited with Mascara among to ITV's ´We want more´ -tv show. She has released music via PolyGram, Warner Music Finland and Spinefarm.

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